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Musegg is a wireless HiFi sound system that shows you what the future of HiFi is.

A complete hifi sound system packed into a crisp housing - no cables, no additional devices. You decide whether mono or stereo.

ONE intuitive control app that gives you access to our customisation platform where you can get the best out of your speakers.

An innovative sales model - "Speaker as a Service" - you decide how long you want to keep our product.

All with peace of mind, as our products are ready for circular economy.



You Decide.

Even if you really like music, life is too short to spend days thinking about which cable is the best, which amplifier fits the speaker best and which streamer will still be usable in two years. Concentrate on the essential - the music. You can return your Museggs to us at any time. You decide whether it‘s after 2 weeks, two months, 2 years or never.

If you rent it, we make sure that you are al- ways up to date with the latest technology.

Easy Setup.

We have designed our speakers so that installation is as simple as possible and can be done by anyone.

Our LoutdLink operating app is also designed to be particularly user-friendly so that you can easily find and operate all the features.




Every room is different and there is no accounting for taste.

With Horooc, our self-developed personalisation, you can take the fear out of room acoustics and create space for your preferences.


Our LoutdLink operating app connects you to our digital individualisation platform, that creates space for your preferences and turns our HiFi speakers into a listening experience.

We continuously improve and extend or individualisation algorithms for you.

There is no such thing as the perfect sound, but there is no accounting for taste.


Our Speakers are available in different colors and you can choose which color combination you want. We start with white and anthracite but more exciting colors are about to come.


Circular Design.

Circular design is one of the core elements of our work. The will alone to do this res- tricsts the choice of many materials and manufacturing processes. After all, the product must be recyclable at the end of its life, after it has been refurbished and rema- nufactured several times.

There are only a few materials and metals that can be used for this purpose. 98% of our system can be recycled and made into.

One Click Upgrade.

With our system it is possible to assemble or disassemble the electronic module with one handle. No screws, no cables, no questions, no worries.

Easy upgrades for hardware like you have not seen before.


Steel and synthetic polymers allow exceptional shaping without compromising on function.

All housing parts are designed for a service life that exceeds the classic electronic product many times over.

Every component is designed to achieve a long lifetime.


Another effect of this monoque construction is the low weight of 13kg and the comparatively compact design, which enables us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions during transport.

Reusable Packaging.

Packaging is very elaborate. We give them a second life. Or even a third one.

Not only we can travel with them, but you can too.

Energy Efficiency.

"More" isn't always better. We believe that with a smart design, 100W per channel is enough to be really loutd.



CEDIA EXPO - Products. Education. Networking.

CEDIA EXPO - Products. Education. Networking.
Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2022

CEDIA Expo is THE platform where residential technology integrators, designers and construction professionals connect, learn, and engage.

CEDIA Expo brings together thousands of home tech pros and hundreds of exhibitors to the leading event for smart home technology.

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Booth 11045

IFA Berlin

IFA Berlin
September 2 - 6, 2022
Messe Berlin

At the leading global trade fair for consumer and home electronics, the IFA in Berlin, in the heart of the most important regional market Europe, all the important retailers, buyers and experts from the industry and the media meet.

IFA offers a comprehensive market overview on an international level and fascinates trade visitors from more than 130 countries every year.

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Hall 1.2 - 207

Fifteen Seconds Festival

Fifteen Seconds Festival
June 9 & 10, 2022
Stadthalle Graz

On June 9th and 10th, 10.000 curious minds will be united in the heart of Europe to ignite the spark of human creativity and exchange solutions.

48 hours of inspiration, knowledge transfer and networking in Graz.

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Stadthalle Graz Foyer - next to the main entrance.

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